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Jake’s Farm May 26, 2010

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Yesterday was day 1 of…you guessed it:  my CSA pick-up!  I was out and about with my grandmother having lunch in Asheville and seeing a movie.  On our way home to rescue the dog from boredom, we stopped by Jake’s Farm.  It was really out in the country and the roads were quite curvy and many were gravel.  But my little Honda persevered and we made it intact.  And left with this mound of goodies:


I am quite pleased with the bounty and they say the box will only grow as the season progresses.  However, I did get three vegetables I was a bit unsure about…Mostly unsure about what they actually ARE!  So I now think I have pretty good guesses but I’m going to line them up for you.  Please comment and let me know if you KNOW what they are!  I need confirmation!








Ok, so I’ll leave you with some close-ups of the food as well as pictures of the farm.  Looking forward to cooking 🙂


First Farmers’ Market May 21, 2010

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I headed out to my town’s farmers’ market this week.  Now, it wasn’t their first day of the season (but close!) nor my first time at a farmers’ market but this was my first time at this one.  And it was great!  It is open every Wednesday and Saturday morning for several hours.  I was surprised to see so many people coming and going.  Plus there were well over a dozen venders. 
There were mostly plants this time which I don’t need any more of 🙂  But there were a few food items, and I picked up a couple.  I have already been busy in my kitchen cooking, thus recipes are to come.  But here’s what I had for breakfast yesterday morning…Give you any clues as to what I bought?

When is your local farmers’ market?  If you don’t know, find it here…

Local Harvest

Local Dirt (thanks Andy for this website!)


P.S. Check me out on Shannon’s blog today…:)


Fraises A La Creme May 6, 2010

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Yep, Strawberries and Cream…French style 🙂

When I met my parents for my mom’s birthday dinner, they brought along a great gift for me!  Local strawberries 🙂

On their drive to the restaurant, they drove past Carrigan Farms in Mooresville.  They picked up a large carton of freshly picked berries and were kind enough to share with me!

I seriously ate over a dozen as soon as we returned home from dinner.  I had to put a few in a separate container in the refrigerator to save some for this recipe…

Remember the cookbook Courtney gave me this cookbook for my birthday?  Well, I decided to take your votes for a dessert recipe and finally make one.  I plan on making a more complicated recipe soon but decided that since these were my first strawberries of the season, I should make a simple recipe that really celebrates the sweet flavor of the strawberries.  So what better recipe than strawberries with whipped cream?

And, yep, I whipped my own cream.  For the first time 🙂  It really wasn’t complicated and only took 3 ingredients: sugar, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream. 

I whipped the cream for several minutes until it formed stiff peaks.  Then added the sugar and vanilla to taste…

After, I had the perfect dessert…

Nothing beats fresh local fruit 🙂  And of course whipped cream!


Plant Buying Day! April 30, 2010

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The community garden is well on its way!  We met earlier in the week to buy our seedlings.  We found some great plants…everything from jalapenos to potatoes to eggplant to onions to cucumbers to okra.  Plus several people in the group have seedlings of their own they will contribute to the garden.  From what it sounds like, we’ll have LOTS of tomatoes 🙂  We’re planting this Sunday afternoon so I’ll be sure to post pictures early next.  And keep your fingers crossed that the frost stays away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And two more things…Thanks Aunt Lori for my new cookbook 🙂  And finally I want to share my father-in-law’s dinner tonight…He wants a little blog love too 🙂


Oatastic April 29, 2010

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I’ve never really been a breakfast person.  Just ask my mom.  In high school, I remember having a quick glass of OJ and a granola bar before running out the door.  And I have never liked cereal!  I used to refuse to eat it but now tolerate it 🙂

Well, I’ve seen “overnight oats” on food blogs for quite a while and had never tried them.  When Kath made them earlier in the week, I decided I had to go for it!  I had oats at home and picked a few more ingredients at the grocery store including bulk organic cranberries, unsweetened organic coconut, and sliced almonds. 

So the basic premise is that you add equal parts oats, milk, and yogurt.  You mix it all together in a container and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. 

When you wake up…TA-DA!  Perfectly “cooked” oats.   Then you just add the toppings you want.  I used my local sourwood honey too!

It seriously tasted like ice cream…I’m not lying.  Try it.  You’ll love it!  And there is almost ZERO work involved.  Nothing like waking up in the morning and having breakfast already made 🙂

I forgot peanut butter the first time…a necessary addition for that little burst of protein 🙂  So when I saw this post, I knew I had the perfect thing:  an almost empty jar of pb!

So the next night, I added my oats, milk, and yogurt to the jar!  I also added a dash of cinnamon.  I went to bed excited to wake up the next morning 🙂

The following morning there was the perfect taste of pb…you’ll be surprised how much is left in there!  I could definitely taste it mixed in with all the other ingredients.  And trust me, the jar was clean when I finished 🙂


Baked Trout April 27, 2010

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When my in-laws were here last weekend, I cooked up a tasty dinner with local trout.  I have long known about Trout from Sunburst Trout as it is served in many area restaurants.  I wanted to cook something fun and new for Mary Jo and Alex and surprisingly learned they had never had trout!  Guess they don’t “grow” trout up in Massachusetts?!!  🙂

I had intended to go directly to the source, but found myself at Earth Fare picking up some other goodies and they had a $3 off per pound special.  I went for it!

I found a recipe in Lunch in Paris and based my dish off of it.  I finally got the book since I had to give my mom’s Kindle back 🙂

The recipe, Trout with Cherry Tomatoes Baked in Foil (or Truite en Papillote), cooks the trout in foil in the oven.  I dislike foil for cooking, but had some parchment paper so used it.  I followed Elizabeth’s directions to season the fish with salt and pepper.  She then scatters cherry tomatoes over the fish and adds a drizzle of olive oil.  The only change I made was  to add some spicy dijon mustard…just wanted a bit more flavor!


I baked the pouches in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  The result was quite lovely!

I added sides of roasted potatoes and asparagus.  I really great comforting but light meal.  Definitely recommend the book and all of its recipes!  And of course local food 🙂


Gardening Fest April 22, 2010

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Hope everyone is having a good day celebrating this great place where we live 🙂  Anything special going on?

There are lots of great giveaways…

Produce Bags @ Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Seventh Generation @ Foodie Giveaways

Organic Cloth @ Daisy Janie and several others

I had some green fun this weekend.  I went to the 2010 Appalachian Growers’ Fair in Dillsboro, NC. 

The purpose was to raise money to support a future Appalachian Women’s Museum.  The Fair was on the grounds of the future museum and was a perfect setting. 

There were lots of people selling plants, veggies, and homemade crafts as well as bands playing all day long. 

We had a great time walking around, as well as buying a few things 🙂 

I came home with some eggs…Love the different sizes and colors!  Can you see the green one?

And some plants (of course!) for a small flower box outside our front door.  Everything fit in my Envitote!

I’ll leave you with the picture that left a big impact on me that day…Maybe we can apply it to this great big EARTH?