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Favorite Links February 26, 2010

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project – why it’s so easy and great to eat local in the mountains of NC!

Local Harvest – find your local farmers market

Local Dirt – find your town’s local food

Eatwild – the benefits of eating grass-fed food

Why Asheville Local?  Check out these great top 10 reasons:

1. Keep Asheville Unique
Locally owned businesses cater to the culture of the neighborhoods they serve.  Unique businesses are vital to the diverse character of our community.

2. Get Better Service
Local businesses tend to hire people with some knowledge of the product and the customers they serve as well as knowledge of the area and other local businesses.  They tend to provide better customer care by giving special attention to the customers they serve.

3. Reduce Environmental Impact
Locally owned businesses are found within neighborhoods and in downtown as opposed to developing on the fringes of town.  They often result in less travel, thereby reducing air pollutants.  Restaurants tend to rely more (often solely) on local farms and organic quality. 

4. Invest in Our Community
Local business owners live in the community they serve and invest their resources here, in Asheville.

5. Create More Good Jobs
Local businesses, collectively, are one of the largest employers nationwide and local businesses provide jobs for residents in Asheville.

6. Conserve Local Tax Dollars
Small neighborhood and downtown businesses require less public infrastructure and make more efficient use of city services compared to big box stores and shopping centers.

7. Have More Choices
Buy what YOU want, not what someone else wants you to buy.  Independent businesses purchase products and cook the food that the local customers need and desire, not a national sales plan.  This guarantees a more diverse and innovative range of choices.

8. Support Our Community
Local businesses tend to invest on average more of their dollars, services and products back into the community via non-profits and the arts.  They also encourage entrepreneurial growth.

9. Ensure Asheville Stands Out from the Crowd
Asheville is a tourist destination and it is a large portion of our economy.  What makes Asheville unique is what brings people coming back to our town.

10. Buy Local – Support Yourself
For every $100 spent in locally owned stores $68 is reinvested in the Asheville.  If you spend it at a national chain only $43 stays here.  Spend it online and nothing comes home.

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