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Asher the Dog April 15, 2010


My favorite buddy is my dog Asher.  Nathan and I adopted Asher in Togo during our first months in the country.  Asher is a Basenji or a Congo Dog.  His breed comes from Africa and is famous for being barkless.  They also all have white paws and a white-tipped tail.  They love to sniff and run!  We obviously love our dog and couldn’t imagine leaving him behind when we returned to America, so we brought him home!  It was actually a very easy process.  Our parents brought an airline-approved cage when they came to visit and we made sure he had the right shots and all the paperwork filled out.  When we went through JFK Airport, Customs was really more interested in the Peace Corps than in Asher!  Asher may say he had a traumatic trip, but he is happy and healthy.  The only big difference for his life is a lot less running.  He was able to run free in Africa as there were no cars and everyone knew who he was.  But he is discovering lots of new fun foods and friends…and of course snow!  I’m confident he’d say he’s glad he came along for the move! 

So here is a photo journal of Asher’s life…Enjoy! 

1st day with new parents!

1st bath

A new bandana

Napping in the dirty clothes

Sleeping during the mid-day heat

Graduated from bucket baths

Passport/Customs photo

Last day in Togo with host mom

It's cold in America!

Again, it's cold...Where's the sun?!


2 Responses to “Asher the Dog”

  1. Oh goodness, Asher is just precious! I found your site through KERF and saw you live in Asheville… I’m so jealous! I live at Lake Norman, but I LOVE visiting Asheville… it’s gorgeous! I actually got engaged on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Just wanted to say hi and virtually ‘pet’ Asher- what a cutie! 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    Your Asher reminds me of our Jack. We adopted him from a shelter here in Michigan.

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