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Local Lunch May 27, 2010

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Well, Sheila was right yesterday…I had nasturtiums, kohlrabi, and rainbow chard.  It took me a while of googling to figure it out, but I did and Sheila confirmed it 🙂  Be sure to check out the links to find out more!

I decided to eat the kohlrabi for lunch yesterday along with the fresh salad greens and a cucumber I received from Jake’s Farm

I cut off the top and debated peeling it.  But once I tasted the peel, I realized it had to go!  It was very rubbery! 

The kohlrabi is white in the inside and smells like cabbage.  But it tastes like radish.  Luckily I like radishes so the spicy crispness was really great!  Look for the white slices in the salad below…

I also added the nasturtiums but didn’t like their taste.  Too “flowery.”  Kind of like pollen.  Whatever you think a flower tastes like, that’s what it tasted like.  Plus they wilted really quickly!  Oh well…

Yet, overall the salad was great!  I think I may have another one today 🙂  And I have a few ideas for how to use the same ingredients again…Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Local Lunch”

  1. Such a pretty salad! Very exotic looking.


  2. ive had some good flowers and some not sog good ones before. some are just too bitter.. some u cant really taste huh.

    such a beautiful meal tho.. love the cheese too on the side. so healthy and i agree with the above comment.. EXOTIC!

  3. This salad looks SO pretty!! So sorry that the flowers weren’t tasty!

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