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Rhubarb Rubble May 24, 2010

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I set out a couple of days ago to make a yummy strawberry-rhubarb bread budding.  To find out why this post is titled” Rhubarb Rubble” you’ve got to read all the way to the end…(“yikes” is all I can say!)

I found the recipe in a little recipe book I downloaded online.  The book is titled Classical Seasonal Desserts and was complied by Eating Well.  I checked out the “Spring” section and found the perfect recipe…combining the two foods I bought at the farmers market: strawberries and rhubarb!  The recipe was simple enough, starting with cubes of whole wheat bread.  I had the ingredients to make a loaf in my bread machine, so I started by making that.

I then made a custard, combining eggs, egg whites, skim milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and orange zest.

Afterwards, I mixed the bread (crust removed and cubed) with crushed gingersnaps…

…quartered strawberries, sliced rhubarb, and toasted walnuts…Yummy fresh strawberries:

And the rhubarb…

I really think this is the first time I’ve eaten rhubarb.  But it’s definitely the first time I’ve cooked with it.  I expected it to look and taste a lot like celery but it didn’t at all!  It was hard to cut, but was juicy and bright green in the inside.  And it is TART!  No wonder you have to add sugar 🙂

It all got mixed together and put into a greased casserole dish.

Kinda looks Christmasy doesn’t it?!

It baked for a while covered in foil and then uncovered and topped with a few more walnuts…

Here’s the final product…

Looks pretty and tasty, right?!!  Well…I don’t really know.  Nope, don’t know.  Because this happened…

AHHHH!!!  I was walking to up to my grandmother’s house and it slipped out my hands 😦

I didn’t cry but I did sigh…ahhh!!

Sad, huh?  I tried to save some but there were shards everywhere.  I didn’t want to tear up my stomach 🙂  So…I had a taste on a fork and trashed the rest. 

Sigh.  Rubble.

But I still had some strawberries and rhubarb left…more recipes to come…Life goes on 🙂


6 Responses to “Rhubarb Rubble”

  1. Chelsea Says:


    I think this is every baker’s worst nightmare… at least you got a little taste and some pretty pictures!

    Lovin’ the blog, too!

  2. omg its liek the dish said “no no no im too tasty for anyone to eat me.. i must end my mission here” lol. actually i always have such a sadness when i see food dropped.. my heart drops! so much love was put into it.. and then BAM game over.

    if its any help, yesterday i dropped a box of buffet food all over the floor.. i felt so embarassed cleaning it up..

    o well tho, life happens. i bet that rhubarb rubble wouldve tasted fantastic!!!

  3. Oh my!! This look so pretty and delicious! I’m so sorry that you dropped it! I would have been in tears!!

  4. brandi Says:

    ugh, I’ve done that so many times 😦 And it’s always the things that I’m really excited about, too!

  5. Marc Says:

    Bummer. Sorry that happened to you; but, you know, Rhubarb Rubble is a great name for a dish! That’s what drew me in to this post. I was thinking, “Cool, what’s Rhubarb Rubble?”

  6. […] is the last of my three recipes combining the two ingredients…first a rubble, then a crisp, now a […]

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