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First Farmers’ Market May 21, 2010

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I headed out to my town’s farmers’ market this week.  Now, it wasn’t their first day of the season (but close!) nor my first time at a farmers’ market but this was my first time at this one.  And it was great!  It is open every Wednesday and Saturday morning for several hours.  I was surprised to see so many people coming and going.  Plus there were well over a dozen venders. 
There were mostly plants this time which I don’t need any more of 🙂  But there were a few food items, and I picked up a couple.  I have already been busy in my kitchen cooking, thus recipes are to come.  But here’s what I had for breakfast yesterday morning…Give you any clues as to what I bought?

When is your local farmers’ market?  If you don’t know, find it here…

Local Harvest

Local Dirt (thanks Andy for this website!)


P.S. Check me out on Shannon’s blog today…:)


4 Responses to “First Farmers’ Market”

  1. hmmm i wonder what it was you bought… hehe. YUM ❤

    most farmers markets i beleive open at the end of may.. so the countdown is on!!! hehe

  2. Karen Alley Says:

    Oooh. The Farmers’ Market in Missoula, MT is awesome. On Saturdays there are three: one by the river where you can buy local cheese, eggs, and meat, one about 5 blocks away with amazing produce (or starts right now to grow your own garden) and in between is a great craft market. Those markets are my favorite thing about Missoula summers 🙂

  3. […] section and found the perfect recipe…combining the two foods I bought at the farmers market: strawberries and rhubarb!  The recipe was simple enough, starting with cubes of whole wheat […]

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