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Oatcakes May 19, 2010

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Kind of like oatmeal…kind of like pancakes…My newest experiment: Oatcakes!

And we had them for dinner 🙂

I love this blog and when Deb made pancakes with oatmeal, I knew I had to try them.  She gushed over them and said they were simple to make.  Plus I had all the ingredients for the recipe…have to love recipes like that!

 The recipe calls for oat flour as well as oatmeal.  I followed Deb’s instructions and placed one cup of oats in the food processor and whirled away.  I’m always surprised when these things actually work 🙂

I also had to make some oatmeal…easy 1 cup of oats to 2 cups of water. 

I added the oatmeal to the wet ingredients and then added all of the dry ones…

The baking powder added some nice bubbles…and the aroma was amazing!

Then I started cooking…hot iron skillet and a bit of butter…

Equals perfection…perfectly browned pancakes

I made a whole pile of them from the batter…

Nathan ate so quickly, that I couldn’t get a picture! (with a side of turkey bacon cooked in the oven to save my sanity and stove-top space)

They had a slight sweetness and a soft consistency.  At first I thought they were undercooked but realized that was the cooked oatmeal.  They definitely tasted like pancakes but had a fun twist in consistency.  A definite experiment worth doing again.  Perfect yumminess!


3 Responses to “Oatcakes”

  1. mmmm oatcakes and bacon! what a perfect combo! ❤

  2. oxybar Says:

    proper here. The comic strip

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