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Helpful Husband May 18, 2010

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While I was away, guess what Nathan did?!  Planted my tomato and hot pepper plants.  And he did a STELLAR job!  He added a hook to my lettuce ball stand for my recently purchased Topsy Turvy planter.  I had picked up some free tomato plants at the local bank last week.  It was “customer appreciation day,” and I was excited to accept the gift.  I went with Regina and she gave me her plants as well.  I guess I’ll have to share my tomatoes with her 🙂

Here’s the end result…complete with mulch and a new “tomato” sign!

Here’s the tomato plant…

And some more along the base.  There are also two hot pepper plants!

And last but not least, the awesome lettuce balls.  Looks good, huh?!

My mom says I need to “chill out” now…I’ve planted enough 🙂  We’ll see!


One Response to “Helpful Husband”

  1. j’adore that little tomato sign! haha no no no u can never plant enough!!! oh my those salad greens are gonna taste so good! this is the first time ive seen lettuce balls- SO CLEVER! ur such a green thumb ❤

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