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Secret Admirer May 14, 2010

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Guess what?  I have a secret admirer 🙂  And it’s not my husband!

Someone has been leaving roses at my grandmother’s front door for the past three days!  They leave no note, and I have caught them at the door.  Wonder who it is?!  Don’t get me wrong…They are gorgeous!  And they make the house look so nice. 

Aren’t they pretty?!  Here are a few more to make you smile…

I’m back on the road again this weekend.  Heading to Nashville with my mom to see old friends.  We lived in Nashville for seven years when I was in elementary school.  My mom was attending graduate school at Vanderbilt and was the associate minister at Belmont United Methodist Church.  She’ll preach on Sunday as part of the 100-year old celebration.  It’ll be a quick trip…Be back Sunday.  May not post but don’t worry, all the gardening is coming along.  The tomato seeds have sprouted.  The lettuce balls are peppy (I think it’s time for salad next week!) and my husband will go and water the community garden tomorrow.  Spring is definitely here!  Have a great weekend!


4 Responses to “Secret Admirer”

  1. Jen Trinque Says:

    I recognize those roses, the ones that grow at the lake! They are beautiful, no matter who is leaving them.

  2. o this reminds me of a good romance/mystery novel hehe. i hope they know u have a husband… hehe ❤

  3. that’s what you get for looking all cute walking asher.

  4. Simply Life Says:

    Oh those flowers are so pretty!

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