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Whirlwind Weekend Winds…down May 13, 2010

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Well, I’ve been back in North Carolina for a couple of days now, but want to share the last part of my weekend in D.C. with you.  My sister graduated!  Not that we were worried or anything 🙂

We had a great time at the ceremony (even if it did get a little long…) at the National Cathedral.  Pretty, huh?

We are very proud of Sarah!  She has 2 Master degrees now. Yep, two!  One is a Master in International Development and the other is a Master of Theology.  Now she just needs to find a job 🙂 Wish her luck!

Here is the graduate with mom….

And with dad…

Sarah’s boyfriend Brad and his parents came as well.  We all went out for Indian food after the ceremony.  I enjoy Indian food and have eaten it lots over the past few years…but none of us knew what to order!  Luckily, Sarah had read the Zagat Guide and chose a great place named Rasika.  We told the waiter we weren’t sure what to order…So he did it for us!  We had several dishes, everything from fish to chicken to beef to cheese to spinach.  Plus Sarah and I enjoyed fun drinks…Beer for her and an Indian colada for me 🙂

Here’s my plate…Yumminess!

And finally a silly picture of Sarah and Brad…Congrats again Sarah!


5 Responses to “Whirlwind Weekend Winds…down”

  1. Lalla Says:

    oooh! you ate at rasika! yum! Diego and i love that place!!! Best Indian food in DC for sure! love all the posts of your weekend here in DC – you need to come back again SOON! xoxo

  2. what a gorgeous church! such high ceilings!! haha ur such a cutie!

  3. yes, graduation ceremonies are LONG, but worth all that hard work! Looks like you also ate lots of yummy food:)

  4. Robin Langford Says:

    So happy to be related to such educated ladies! Congratulations to Sarah! Thanks for documenting it for us so we could enjoy the festivities without having to help pack and move!

  5. […] have just been going and going and going over the past two weeks.  I was out of town last week for my sister’s graduation and this weekend went to Nashville with my mom.  Don’t get me wrong…it was all fun! […]

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