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Whirlwind Weekend – Part 2 May 12, 2010

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My sister’s graduation weekend continued on Sunday…Mother’s Day!  It was great to be able to spend time with not only my sister, but also my mom 🙂  I can’t remember the last time I saw her on Mother’s day.  Aren’t we adorable?!

We headed to church in the morning and then had brunch reservations at the famed Tabard Inn.  We had some time before our reservation, so walked around Dupont Circle.  There just happened to be a farmer’s market taking place…you know that brought a smile to my face!  I loved walking around and checking out all the goodies! 

I refrained from buying much but did pick up some ramps.  Do you know what ramps are?  I just discovered them this year.  They are part of the onion family and are one of the first Spring vegetables. 

There was a sign…

Saying they had the last ramps of the season.  Couldn’t pass that up!

However, they did stink up my car…It was a looong way home 🙂

After walking about for a while, we headed to brunch.  My gorgeous cousin, who you met Monday, met us as well.

We all had great meals, but one of the highlights were the homemade donuts.  According to my sister, when you to Tabard Inn, you have to get the donuts!  They were delish!

We had great food and great conversation, which was good, because after brunch…we had to move my sister out of her apartment on campus 😦  YUCK!  I have never seen so much dust!!  I was tired and things went slowly, but we did it all.  My parents and I headed back to the hotel to crash…just in time to wake up for graduation!  Check back tomorrow 🙂


2 Responses to “Whirlwind Weekend – Part 2”

  1. ramps!? oh wow first time hearing about them neat! you all look SO beautiful ❤ gorgeous pics.. so glad the sun was out

  2. Megan Hornbeek Says:

    What a cute pic of the Langford girls. 🙂

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