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Whirlwind Weekend – Part 1 May 10, 2010

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I’m back…to the blog at least 🙂  I’ve just spent the last few days in Washington D.C. celebrating my sister Sarah’s graduation.  We had a great time, but boy was it busy!  We stayed in a local hotel, but I think we were hardly ever there…Lots of driving from place to place and from event to event.  But OH there was lots of good food!

It took me a very long 8 hours to drive from Asheville to D.C.  Are you a good driver of long distances?  It was the first time I had ever driven that far by myself (the hubby had to stay behind for work).  I left on Saturday morning and got to D.C. around 5pm…just in time for a quick shower before a family graduation party.  I went to my aunt and uncle’s house and joined 15 other family members for dinner.  We had Italian food, which was amazingly comforting after a long day.  My aunt is such a good host…Check out her table setting, bar, and appetizers…

And then there were amazing cupcakes!!  My cousin went to Georgetown Cupcake earlier in the day and bought 18 yummy cupcakes.  They were delish!  I had never heard of Georgetown Cupcake but supposedly it’s pretty famous up here.  She had to wait in line but it was worth it!  I hear they are filming a reality show about the store.  After eating a cupcake, I say it’s definitely a show I’ll have to watch! 

Here’s the generous (and gorgeous!) cousin 🙂

And an infamous cupcake…

Doesn’t it look yummy?  There were four varieties…mint cookies and creme (above), peanut butter fudge, vanilla & chocolate, and chocolate birthday…

I would recommend any of the above!

I was exhausted by the time we called it a night.  But I left with a gift of gardening supplies from my aunt…Thanks Aunt MC!  And the sis left with some beautiful roses…

More weekend updates to come…I am back in the car for 8 hours tomorrow…have a great one and check back soon!


2 Responses to “Whirlwind Weekend – Part 1”

  1. CUPCAKES!!! SCRUMPTIOUS! and how adorable are u and ur lil sis. LOVE IT!<3

  2. […] walking about for a while, we headed to brunch.  My gorgeous cousin, who you met Monday, met us as […]

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