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Fraises A La Creme May 6, 2010

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Yep, Strawberries and Cream…French style 🙂

When I met my parents for my mom’s birthday dinner, they brought along a great gift for me!  Local strawberries 🙂

On their drive to the restaurant, they drove past Carrigan Farms in Mooresville.  They picked up a large carton of freshly picked berries and were kind enough to share with me!

I seriously ate over a dozen as soon as we returned home from dinner.  I had to put a few in a separate container in the refrigerator to save some for this recipe…

Remember the cookbook Courtney gave me this cookbook for my birthday?  Well, I decided to take your votes for a dessert recipe and finally make one.  I plan on making a more complicated recipe soon but decided that since these were my first strawberries of the season, I should make a simple recipe that really celebrates the sweet flavor of the strawberries.  So what better recipe than strawberries with whipped cream?

And, yep, I whipped my own cream.  For the first time 🙂  It really wasn’t complicated and only took 3 ingredients: sugar, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream. 

I whipped the cream for several minutes until it formed stiff peaks.  Then added the sugar and vanilla to taste…

After, I had the perfect dessert…

Nothing beats fresh local fruit 🙂  And of course whipped cream!


One Response to “Fraises A La Creme”

  1. omg dont u just love fresh strawberries! i used to have strawberry bushes in my garden..until the deer ate them up. but its such an amazing fruit. the big dark red juicy ones are to die for. ur right-perfect dessert! ❤

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