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Happy Birthday to you… May 2, 2010

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Happy Birthday Mom! 

My mom celebrated her birthday on Friday April 30!  Aren’t we glad she was born?! 🙂

Nathan, my grandmother, Lamb, and I met my mom and dad for dinner last night.  We went to Hickory, NC, about halfway between our two homes.  We had some recommendations for yummy places to eat and settled on Josh’s on Union Square

The meal was wonderful!  It came out quickly, was creatively presented, and tasted great!  I have a few pictures of our meals…they all didn’t come out well, but here are a few to whet your appetite.

Steak on an arugula salad with grapes and goat cheese

Duck with blueberries

Lots of good sides including mac 'n' cheese

And of course dessert!  I had bourbon pecan pie in honor of The Kentucky Derby 🙂

And Mom had a delicious blueberry cheesecake.

Nathan and I gave my mom a lunch “bag”  with little Tupperware dishes 🙂  Yep, a little silly (however practical!) but I noticed last time I was home that she was taking her lunch to work in a plastic grocery sack with lots of plastic baggies.  So I decided in the spirit of being green, I wanted to give her something good for the environment, cute to carry around, and also super usable.  She seems to like it…especially that it’s orange 🙂  Plus I included a little sack of apple chips!

So thanks mom for delicious dinner with wonderful company!  Hope you had a wonderful birthday!  Much love!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to you…”

  1. Sally Langford Says:

    My new lunch bag is ready to go with me to work tomorrow! Thanks, AG and Nathan, for my “green” birthday present. Dad and I enjoyed having dinner last night with both of you and
    Lamb. Much love, Mom 🙂

  2. i just found ur blog and i adore it so much. ur pics are awesome! totally love.

    btw happy birthday to ur mommmmyyyy!! ❤

  3. […] I met my parents for my mom’s birthday dinner, they brought along a great gift for me!  Local […]

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