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Oatastic April 29, 2010

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I’ve never really been a breakfast person.  Just ask my mom.  In high school, I remember having a quick glass of OJ and a granola bar before running out the door.  And I have never liked cereal!  I used to refuse to eat it but now tolerate it 🙂

Well, I’ve seen “overnight oats” on food blogs for quite a while and had never tried them.  When Kath made them earlier in the week, I decided I had to go for it!  I had oats at home and picked a few more ingredients at the grocery store including bulk organic cranberries, unsweetened organic coconut, and sliced almonds. 

So the basic premise is that you add equal parts oats, milk, and yogurt.  You mix it all together in a container and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. 

When you wake up…TA-DA!  Perfectly “cooked” oats.   Then you just add the toppings you want.  I used my local sourwood honey too!

It seriously tasted like ice cream…I’m not lying.  Try it.  You’ll love it!  And there is almost ZERO work involved.  Nothing like waking up in the morning and having breakfast already made 🙂

I forgot peanut butter the first time…a necessary addition for that little burst of protein 🙂  So when I saw this post, I knew I had the perfect thing:  an almost empty jar of pb!

So the next night, I added my oats, milk, and yogurt to the jar!  I also added a dash of cinnamon.  I went to bed excited to wake up the next morning 🙂

The following morning there was the perfect taste of pb…you’ll be surprised how much is left in there!  I could definitely taste it mixed in with all the other ingredients.  And trust me, the jar was clean when I finished 🙂


3 Responses to “Oatastic”

  1. Ann, this is an awesome idea. We have been in serious breakfast doldrums around here, and we can always use ideas to make the mornings a little easier. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. I love the combo of dried crans, almonds, and shredded coconut on the overnight oats – so good!
    And, you’re right…the oats in a jar is definitely a fabulous treat!

  3. Megan Hornbeek Says:

    I can’t wait to try this. The only breakfast foods I like is granola or oatmeal, so I’m sure I’ll love this!!

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