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Sagey Zucchini April 28, 2010

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I wanted to fix a light and quick meal last night and remembered several recipes I’ve seen lately using both sage and zucchini.  Weird, huh?  I mean the combination!  Just Google it and see how many you come up with it!  Amazing!  Since I had never heard of using sage while cooking zucchini, I decided I was up for trying it!

I tore this recipe out of a May 2010 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal.  It was found in an article about 50 great budget meals.  And of course, it uses sage and zucchini 🙂

I used the sage Regina gave me for my birthday…the smell of torn sage leaves is amazing!

I cooked the sage in olive oil on the stove…

And when it was a bit crispy, I pulled it out, and added sliced zucchini.

And when I finished cooking all the zucchini, I topped it with the sage!  Quite pretty…

And quite tasty!  I definitely recommend the combination…They complimented each other well!

I added a side of whole wheat spaghetti and some jarred marinara sauce…A perfect light and quick and meal 🙂 


One Response to “Sagey Zucchini”

  1. Must be a zucchini kind of day! Yum!

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