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Lettuce Shemettuce April 26, 2010

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First, my lettuce balls are actually looking pretty good!  There were a few wilting ones…But some that have really taken off!  I’m feeling much more confident.  Not going to celebrate yet, but all in all feeling better about my gardening skills…however minimal they are!

Also, wanted to share with you a few green eating tips found in my local paper on Earth Day.  While I follow many of them, it is always helpful to be reminded!  Let me know which one you’re going to start doing!

In the Kitchen:

Start a compost pile and compost as much waste as possible.

Get separate bins for different recyclables to make it easier to recycle.

Avoid using disposable plates, cups and utensils. If you must, look for ones that are compostable.

Look for Energy Star-rated appliances. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.

Maintain a garden or herb garden.

Use cloth napkins and dishrags rather than paper napkins and paper towels.

Out to Dinner:

Eat at restaurants that use local foods and inquire about their recycling practices.

Bring your own takeout containers for leftovers.

Bring your own mug to the coffee shop.

At the Grocery Store:

Avoid buying items with unnecessary packaging.

Try shopping at co-ops, farmers’ markets and tailgate markets.

Buy in bulk rather than individually packaged foods.

Bring your own cloth bags rather than using plastic or paper bags, including bags for produce.

Buy less meat and more fruits and vegetables.

At School and Work:

Bring your lunch from home.

Use a reusable lunch box with reusable containers, a cloth napkin and reusable water bottle. Avoid plastic bags and other disposable containers.

Ask people to bring their own plates and utensils to potlucks.

Eat last night’s leftovers for lunch.


3 Responses to “Lettuce Shemettuce”

  1. Love seeing fellow North Carolinians in the blogworld! Your lettuce looks great so far; I’m starting a veggie and herb garden soon despite lacking in the gardening skills department. 🙂

  2. […] but don’t worry, all the gardening is coming along.  The tomato seeds have sprouted.  The lettuce balls are peppy (I think it’s time for salad next week!) and my husband will go and water the […]

  3. […] last but not least, the awesome lettuce balls.  Looks good, […]

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