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I Saw Him! April 24, 2010

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Yep, I saw Obama 🙂 Now, no matter your political leanings, I just want to say it is so cool to see someone famous! So in case you didn’t hear, Barack and Michelle are vacationing in Asheville this weekend! I couldn’t have picked a better place! 

On Friday, I was driving through Asheville, on my way to pick up Asher from a doggie daycare where he was spending the day. I had run lots of errands and had had lunch with a friend and was finally on my way through town when I was suddenly stopped by a police barricade. My first reaction was frustration because I was going to be late to get Asher, but after parking the car and realizing that the Obamas were nearby, I got very excited! I joined the crowd by the restaurant 12 Bones Smokehouse and was swept up into the excitement. I want to share a few of the pictures I snapped (sorry none were clear of the Obamas…they ran to the car!) but first, just in case you’re wondering what this has to do with local food, let me give you a glimpse of the menu…It really is that good!

mac n cheese smoked potato salad
jalapeno cheese grits baked beans
mashed sweet taters cucumber salad
collard greens sweet vinegar cole slaw
buttered green beans corn pudding

All of that goes along with beef, chicken, and pork…YUMMY!  I think I need to head back there for lunch soon! 

So here are the pictures…Enjoy!  And come back anytime Obamas! 

Can you see the snipers?


The crowd! I wasn't the only one snapping pics 🙂


They are in the back seat of the black car...They were waving!



3 Responses to “I Saw Him!”

  1. Currie Says:

    AG!! Love the story and the pictures! You were at the right place at the right time! Love looking at your blog.
    Aunt Currie

  2. miriah Says:

    that’s so awesome, ann! a once-in-a-lifetime experience 🙂

  3. annecalista Says:

    How exciting! Being from NH we get lots of visits from Pres. candidates during election time, so I’ve actually seen Obama 3 times at different events, and I got to meet him at a small town hall meeting early in his campaign. It’s interesting to hear about the buzz he stirs up in other states 🙂

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