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Looking Glass April 19, 2010

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My in-laws were here for the weekend for a big birthday celebration, as both the hubby and I celebrated our birthdays this last week.  We had lots of fun and went on lots of outings, and I will be doing lots of posts on our activities.

The first was a 6-mile hike in Pisgah National Forest to Looking Glass Rock.  Nathan, the husband and I, have hiked in the Forest before, but this was a new location…and well worth it!  GORGEOUS views when we reached the top.  Asher sported his new hiking pack.  Nathan wants to train him to carry his own water and food for future hikes and camping.  We  had him fitted last week at an outdoor store.  He actually didn’t mind it and is quite cute, if I do say so.  See what you think!

We also drove 2 miles down the road to see Looking Glass Falls.  Again, so worth it.  Thus please enjoy the slideshow.  I know it doesn’t quite capture the experience, but just imagine you’re standing off of the tall cliff, feeling the spray of cold water on your body, and basking in the sunshine.  Beautiful!

[EXCEPT for the slithering creatures that crossed our path…see if you can find them!  You’ll have to get past them to find the good pics!]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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