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Tomatoes! April 13, 2010

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Oh the gardening continues!!

This time, I planted my tomato seeds.  My grandmother had a cauldron (is there a better word?!  sounds spooky!) in the yard that had previously been used for flowers.  I emptied it (it was all dead!), added new soil, and decided it would be a perfect container for growing tomatoes. 

Container planting is really big right now and something that Nathan and I did in Togo.  Remember the Grow Box?  When you don’t have space, using boxes or bags or cauldrons works!

Here’s our garden in Togo…

Can you see the bags in this picture?  Those are tomatoes!

So back to America 🙂

I had purchased organic seeds a few weeks back…

Nathan scattered them (nice shadow!)…

And I watered them…

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they work out!!  And if you want more information on container planting, here’s a great link!


5 Responses to “Tomatoes!”

  1. Sally Langford Says:

    I am looking forward to a tomato sandwich this summer! 🙂

  2. Question about your cauldron? Are you going to drill holes in the bottom of that nice container. I’d be worried about drowing the roots.

  3. Ann – thanks for the link on container gardening!!!

    also – you said you couldn’t find me on facebook for the giveaway…if you look at my page, you’ll see my facebook icon on the right side of the page, just click on the “join” button!

  4. […] back Sunday.  May not post but don’t worry, all the gardening is coming along.  The tomato seeds have sprouted.  The lettuce balls are peppy (I think it’s time for salad next week!) and my […]

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