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Amazing Savings April 12, 2010

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My friend Becky invited me to go to a local grocery store in Asheville that we had both heard great things about.  The store, Amazing Savings, is a discount grocery store  that stocks organic food.  I expected there to be a few organic and even a couple local products, but was quite surprised to find a majority of organic and local food.  WOW is all I can write.  Seriously, it was like a typical warehouse of cheap-priced food but was filled with all the yummy food you find at Whole Foods.  WOW.  What a find.

So of course we picked a rainy day to drive the thirty miles 😦  But we persevered!

Becky gets props for keeping us on the road 🙂

Neither of us really had a grocery list but thought we’d just see what we found!  We both picked up quite a few items and I’ve been snacking my way through the weekend!

Here’s our local finds…

And our favorite find…Freshly ground PEANUT BUTTER!  I’ve seen grinders in grocery stores before, but never felt the desire to use it…but here, it just felt right!  We are having so much fun, we said “Why not?!”

Can’t wait to top oatmeal with this PB this week 🙂

So all in all…

An AMAZING find 🙂  Their name really fits!  I’ll be back!


One Response to “Amazing Savings”

  1. Now that store would put a smile on my face too!! Good find.

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