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Dog Bakery April 8, 2010

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On our way home the other day, we made a quick stop at Smokey Mountain Dog Bakery in Dillsboro, NC.  It is the home of the local dog bone I bought Asher a couple of weeks ago.  Well, we decided the treat was such a winner, that we had to take a trip to the source!  And it did not disappoint 🙂

The store was soo cute!

The owner, Walt, found Asher on my blog before and when we introduced ourselves at the store, Asher scored lots of free treats!  He got several peanut butter cookies, including a pink bunny for Easter!  I would have taken pictures…BUT, Asher already ate all the treats!

We did however buy some doggie shampoo that Walt made.  It is made from coconut oil soap, aloe, rosemary oil, cream, honey, and oatmeal.  Asher got a bath yesterday after rolling around in fertilizer…And he smells great! 

Of course we picked up a few other treats.  Walt is smart as Asher’s favorite treats were right at nose level!

But before I forget the humans…We made it time for some last bites from Yappy Hour!

We hadn’t counted on making it, but Nathan was able to grab a beer…

And some snacks.

It was definitely a nice way to end a long day.  Everyone left happy 🙂 Thanks Walt!  Look forward to seeing you again soon!


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