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It arrived! April 1, 2010

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No…not the warm weather, though that did as well!  🙂  My EnviTote!  Yay! 

I am very pleased with it and much more impressed than I thought I would be.  Very sturdy!  The strap has a velcro attachment so you can adjust the length. 

Also, the bottom of the bag has a piece of strong cardboard (?!) that will be great when food is in the bag, but removeable when I need to fold it up. 

I picked up some local eggs on my way home today and they fit perfectly in my new bag!

BTW, the eggs are from a new friend of mine’s farm.  He came to our first community garden meeting to give us advice.  He lives in Waynesville with his wife and young son and is a full-time farmer.  I asked all about his farm and what he produced and while his veggies won’t be ready until the farmers market next month, he said he had eggs! 

While I could pick them up directly from him, he also sells them at a local natural foods store, Zoolies

He said they sell them for $0.40 more than he does, so I decided to get them from the store to support them as well.  Can’t wait to cook with them!

I really wanted to get a recipe posted for you all…but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I had a fun afternoon at the dog park with my two boys.  Here’s Nathan playing ball with Asher…


Off to wash dinner dishes 😦  At least the sun is still out!  Come on Spring!


3 Responses to “It arrived!”

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  2. OpenSkyBlog Says:

    […] about finding the bag on Kath’s blog and ordering it through OpenSky. When it arrives she writes about it again, linking to EnviCorp and sending more readers to Kath so they can buy their […]

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