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Shrimp, Salad, & Biscuits March 30, 2010

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I used the shrimp I bought at The Bradford Store (provided by Flying Fish Seafood) to make a light supper last night.  I decided to keep the recipe simple and let the local, fresh shrimp shine on their own!  So I decided to boil them and add a salad and some biscuits on the side.  While the weather isn’t warm yet 😦 the meal was so simple and light that it will definitely be a repeat this summer.

So I cleaned the shrimp and added them to a bot of boiling water.


I love how quickly shrimp cook!

I picked up some fresh spinach (for only $1.50!) grown right on the farm at The Bradford Store and based my salad off of that. 

One great thing about salads, is that you can add anything from the pantry to the mix.  I added some edamame, cranberries, pecans, and celery…and of course some dressing from an open bottle in the refrigerator!

I had also bought some cheddar biscuits from the store and cooked them in the oven.  I love cheddar biscuits!  There is a store near Litchfield Beach, SC that sells homemade cheddar biscuits (I forget the name), and I love buying them for dinners at the rented beach house.  So I was excited to find these.  They cooked in only 8 minutes and were very good…very cheesy, just the way I like them!  A southern girl loves biscuits!




So with the salad, biscuits, and shrimp, we had a great supper.  Very easy…some evenings you just need it that way 😉  Have a good night!


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