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Community Garden March 27, 2010

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Two nights ago we had our very first Community Garden meeting.  If you missed this information before, I am starting a community garden with other young adults in Waynesville.  We are all somehow affiliated with First United Methodist Church in Waynesville and are coming together to grow a garden this summer.  We have a total of 7 different groups participating, everyone from singles to married couples to couples with children.  We will all share the cost, the work, and the harvest.  We met this first time to discuss logistics…and of course eat!  We had tacos and while it wasn’t local, we talked about doing a big dinner at the end of the summer, complete with lots of dishes made from vegetables from our garden.  We have a Facebook page (YAM Community Garden) so we can all communicate, so feel free to check it out.  I’ll also be sure to update you as our garden and group progresses.  So in the meantime here are a few pics from last night…

Me cooking:

Our yummy desserts, including sopapilla cheesecake!

Our group looking at the garden space:

The land is owned by my friend Joseph, our group’s garden guru.  He planted in the same spot last year.  Here are some of his pics from then.  He is a great photographer…gives me something to aim for!


4 Responses to “Community Garden”

  1. Nice garden! I do not have a green thumb (at all) and I’m envious of people who have the talent and dedication to have a veggie garden. I recently planted some carrot seeds as an experiment. But seeing how you did them in those little dishes first…I don’t have high hopes for my carrots…. 😦 Lisa

    • haha! Well keep me updated! And really the seedlings are deceptively easy. Just head to a local garden center and look for supplies. It really is self-explanatory…or ask someone there! Gardens are so worth it 🙂

  2. […] the eggs are from a new friend of mine’s farm.  He came to our first community garden meeting to give us advice.  He lives in Waynesville with his wife and young son and is a full-time […]

  3. […] April 30, 2010 Filed under: Uncategorized — Ann {appalachianappetites} @ 7:26 pm The community garden is well on its way!  We met earlier in the week to buy our seedlings.  We found some great […]

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