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Local Doggy Treats March 25, 2010

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I stopped by my favorite coffee shop in Waynesville yesterday for a little respite.  Besides getting a hot “apple mango” tea, I saw some homemade dog treats.  I immediately thought of Asher and bought him one.  And at only $2 it was definitely cheaper than the rawhide he loves!  They are made in Dillsboro, NC – only 25 miles from my house.  Their website looks amazing, and I’ll definitely have to go one day to see what other goodies I can buy.  I love that it is local and according to their website made from locally sourced oat flour.  Here it is before Asher took a bite:

These are the ingredients:

oat flour, rolled oats, all natural unsalted peanut butter, honey, baking soda, carob, yogurt

Sounds pretty good to me!

Nathan was so impressed that he almost ate the treat.  It really does smell that good!

So when Asher saw it, chaos ensued!

And I knew when he took it to his favorite spot where he stores all his favorite toys and treats, we had a winner!


9 Responses to “Local Doggy Treats”

  1. LOVE the top photo of Asher! happiness!

  2. Sally Langford Says:

    So are you going to learn how to make these special treats for Asher yourself? Mom

  3. Sarah Says:

    Welcome home from Togo, Ann! I’d been following your adventures there and like the new blog a lot too. Asher is ADORABLE 🙂 I’m SO happy you were able to bring him home with you–when I heard you were coming back, one of the first things I wondered was what would happen to him! Was it a difficult process, getting him into the U.S.? Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! Good to hear from you! It was actually pretty easy to get him back. He had to get some shots from a vet in Togo, and we had some immigration paperwork to fill out, but otherwise pretty easy. Now if you ask him about the flight, he may say something different 😉

  4. Lalla Says:

    Asher looks so cute and happy!!

  5. I adore your style about Local Doggy Treats Appalachian Appetites

  6. My Blog…

    Great information. I’m going to link back to it….

  7. Great Pictures of Asher…is it alright if I use on my website and blog. Glad he liked our treats. Do you know about our Yappy Hours on Saturday at 6pm. Free treats for dogs and their humans and the town of Dillsboro has free music just 1 block away and you and your dog can listen.

    Our blog – “”
    Facebook – “”

    • Most definitely! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Can’t wait to make it out to Dillsboro to see you. And thanks for sharing your information…I’ll be sure to stay in touch!

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