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My Dad’s Going Local! March 22, 2010

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My dad is one of my biggest fans and naturally has started following my blog.  He has started his own local food project in his town Concord, NC, about 3 hours east of Asheville.  When I was home last weekend, I mentioned that he could do a “guest post” on my blog and guess what?  He did!  So today I’m featuring my dad!  Here are his thoughts and pictures.


Ann and Nathan have gotten me hooked on local, fresh food.
Our United Methodist congregation in Concord will sponsor a community garden at a local retirement home and for our Preschool children.
Last week, six persons from our church went to visit three local farms to learn about food production in our community (just north of Charlotte off I-85).
Brad Hinsley introduced us to Cabarrus County’s Incubator Farm, part of the county park system.  The county has dedicated 30 acres to developing 12 new, young farmers. The plots are all organic and use well water.  The farmers share training, equipment, sinks and coolers, and marketing development.  The goal is that after 3 years of training, each farmer will go out and create their own farm, while new farmers are then trained.

Kim Bradford on Highway 73 between Concord and Huntersville has a local, family store that has been in the family since 1912 (  For the past five years, they sell only local vegetables, meats, and dairy products.  Their business has grown every year.

T. McCloud of Grow it Greener ( in the area raises organic foods and sells raised bed gardens for backyard gardeners.  His movable chicken coop is a wonderful source of an egg-a-day per chicken.

T's Chicken House

T's Raised Bed

Brent Barbee of Barbee Farms ( is the most serious professional farmer.  His family has managed 27 acres for 3 generations.  They use organic techniques, sell at farmers’ markets 6 days a week, and have a wide diversity of vegetables.  He can track to cost of any plant and vegetable they grow!  Strawberries are in and tomatoes are just a few weeks off!!


Thanks Dad!  I can’t wait to visit you soon and see some of these places.  I look forward to coming home and eating lots of yummy food!  Good luck with the community garden!

If anyone else wants to share what you are doing locally, I welcome you to do a “guest post.”  Just email me and let me know!


2 Responses to “My Dad’s Going Local!”

  1. Erika Lindgren Hedberg Says:

    Love your blog, Ann! You’ve inspired me to look into the possibility of buying local foods directly from the source here in Sweden. Haven’t heard anything about that here yet, but there is a big interest and demand for local food here so maybe I can find something! Hope you’re doing well!

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