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Spring Weather March 19, 2010

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Is on its way!

My husband and I celebrated the warm weather yesterday by raking the yard.  He worked for over 5 hours!  And I helped for 2 😉  I bagged the leaves that he had already raked…A messy job that definitely required gloves!

Here’s the final bag collection for the front yard ONLY!  We have more to do today 😦

15 Bags!

And here’s the clean yard!

We even took an extra minute to re-fill the bird feeder…

I am really anxious to get started on not just cleaning the yard but planting in it!  I am meeting this afternoon with a new friend who is going to organize a community garden with me.  We meet for coffee today to discuss details!  Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Spring Weather”

  1. Sally Langford Says:

    I’m impressed with your and Nathan’s raking efforts. And I am sure Ganny will be delighted to learn of your hard work. Thanks for raking, and thanks, too, for your ever interesting blog.

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    how was the meeting? Im surprised Nat did raking… 🙂

  3. Ah…we need to rake as well! We’ve had gorgeous weather the last few days (60’s), but snow is coming…ugh…thought we were done!

  4. Sally Langford Says:

    Thanks, AG and Nathan, for all of your raking. I’m impressed. I’m sure Ganny will be, too. I’m enjoying your daily posts on your blog!

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