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Earth Fare March 16, 2010

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On my way home today, I had to stop and buy our week’s groceries.  I have been dying to go to Earth Fare, a local grocery store that carries lots of natural, organic, and local foods.  There are several in the Southeast, but coming from Boston and then Togo, I had yet to try one.  I had a great time looking around and picking out our groceries.  It was super clean and very well-organized.  I didn’t see a lot of local food, but I did notice they sell bison 😉  Maybe Greenlife Grocery is the way to go for local foods?!  I really wanted local eggs and milk and was sad to find none.  But compared to Greenlife, it did seem much more organized and grocery-cart friendly (big aisles!).  I guess I’ll just have to keep going to both grocery stores to further reasearch the BEST 😉

So here are the majority of our week’s groceries:

I actually saved $12 today with coupons!  I picked out a few on my own from the local paper but I also picked up a coupon book at the front of the store.  I glanced through it and tore out a bunch to use.  Plus they had tons of coupons around the store so I grabbed some of those as well.  I love saving money!

So I have a chicken pot pie recipe planned for tonight’s dinner.  But after the drive home, I needed a little nourishment to get through the afternoon.  I used a $1 off coupon for this pizza:

And Nathan and I dug right in!  It had plantains and mangoes on it…Just like Togo!

So lots of fun recipes to come this week.  I bought two jars of crunchy peanut butter and am entering this contest to win some more.  Maybe I can find a recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups?!


2 Responses to “Earth Fare”

  1. Ann, I love it that you’re writing a bit about how to save money buying local and organic, since I think that, for a lot of people, cost is a major factor in why they don’t go this route. Any other money saving tips in the future would be awesome!

    Another thought on getting local dairy products: do you know of any local dairies near you? We found one here in Longmont that actually delivers milk to our home (just like the old days!) weekly. We keep a little cooler on our porch and they drop it off during the night so we have fresh local milk when we wake up. I wonder if there is anything like this in NC? Love to you and Nathan!

  2. […] had intended to go directly to the source, but found myself at Earth Fare picking up some other goodies and they had a $3 off per pound special.  I went for […]

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