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Chain Grocery Store & Local Food? March 16, 2010

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Yep, they can go together! 

I haven’t made it back to my home in the mountains yet (still trying to buy a car!) so am spending another day with my parents.  And while trying to make plans for dinner last night, we took a trip to the local Harris Teeter.  I was anxious to find organic and possibly local food but didn’t have my fingers crossed.  However, I was quite surprised and found lots of options!  Now of course there were organic products, but I also found local ones.  Check it out:

Here’s what HT says about the “locally grown” signs:  “When you see the HT Locally Grown logo, you can rest assured the produce has traveled 6 or fewer hours from the farm to the store. This shorter drive time reduces the carbon footprint on our environment while supporting local farmers and their neighborhoods.”  Sounds perfect to me!

And remember that cheddar cheese I bought at the WNC famers market?  Well, I found the same company’s ham even closer to the original source!

And here’s some milk from about an hour north of here:

This trip to the grocery store is a great reminder to me that it is possible to find great local food at bigger chain stores.  I hope wherever you shop that you too look for and buy local food.  Make sure take an extra moment to let the manager know you appreciate them supplying local food.  Or drop them a line on the website.  However, you do it, support local food!


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