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Ram Sausage Chili March 10, 2010

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So last night I broke out that ram sausage we bought on the Maple Syrup tour.  I had no idea what to expect and considered cooking it like sausage patties with a side of scrambled eggs and pancakes.  However, I also had some kidney beans I wanted to use and decided on chili.

So I took the sausage out to defrost…

And started some onions sizzling with olive oil.  I then broke up the sausage into the pan and cooked it until it browned.

And then the secret?  Local beer!!  I found Duck-Rabbit beer at the local supermarket and had to try it.  It’s from Farmville, NC, in the eastern part of the State.  I bought a brown ale and thought it would be a great addition to the pot.

So then it went into the beans…

And of course we needed a side!  So I grabbed a box of cornbread mix and added organic milk and eggs.

As well as some green chilis!  Doesn’t it look yummy?

And the finished chili…I love all the colors!  There are organic frozen veggies and organic canned diced tomatoes in there as well!  As for the ram sausage, Nathan and I both agree that we didn’t love it.  It was very smokey tasting.  Very rich and heavy.  For some reason it just didn’t mesh with the rest of the chili.  I could imagine it being really tasty in a shepard’s pie…but that’s for the next time!


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