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Pisgah Hike March 10, 2010

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Nathan, the hubbie, and I headed out in the warm yesterday for a quick hike around Pisgah National Forest.  We headed into the forest in Mills River, NC, just outside of Asheville.  Nathan is a big hiker and loves the outdoors.  He grew up camping and exploring the mountains in Pennsylvannia and New England.  I did not grow up hiking and camping, but since meeting him, have gone many times.  I actually kind of like it now 😉  Yesterday was no exception. 

However, at one point we did a very steep climb to the top of a ridge.  Check out the picture from the top:

I had a “moment” on the climb when I did not want to go any farther.  I kept turning around and looking down wondering how in the world I would get back down.  Luckily, we decided that once we made it up, we would descend along the crest and find a more gradual slope.  Luckily we did! 

And of course along the way, my wonderful husband did his part to conserve the natural world 😉  He always brings a plastic bag on hikes to pick up trash on the trail.  And he found quite a bit!  So next time we head to our new NC playground, it will be a bit cleaner…for us and everyone else!


2 Responses to “Pisgah Hike”

  1. Lori Says:

    This is a wonderful picture of you. You look SO happy and relaxed! I love the picture of the “messy” kitchen with puppy on the bed in the background! Sweet!

    I might give the maple pecan bars a try! Lots of rain up here,
    Love, L

  2. […] a 6-mile hike in Pisgah National Forest to Looking Glass Rock.  Nathan, the husband and I, have hiked in the Forest before, but this was a new location…and well worth it!  GORGEOUS views when we reached the top.  […]

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