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Waffle Fiasco March 8, 2010

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So with our new bottle of maple syrup…

I knew I had to make waffles for breakfast this morning!  And while I had the best of intentions, the waffle maker was not on my side.  All was going well…


And this happened EVERYTIME!  I used quite a bit of 100% Canola Pam spray and it STILL happened!  I think maybe it was the old waffle iron.  Or was it?!  I tried greasing it before it heated, putting less batter, then more batter, then adding TONS of spray.  Nothing worked.  Any ideas?

But we ate…And I quickly grabbed a picture of my prettiest waffle…

And dug right it!  At least it tastest good…


3 Responses to “Waffle Fiasco”

  1. Shelley Says:

    This happens to me too with our waffle maker. So frustrating! But I read recently (in Joy of Cooking) the secret ingredient is butter…and LOTS of it. Anywhere from 4 Tbsp to 2 sticks per batch. It keeps the waffles light, crisp and ensures they release clean from the iron. Also, try beating the egg whites separately. : )

    Loving your blog lady. Keep it up!

  2. […] Oatmeal Bread I decided to put our bottle of local maple syrup to good use again!  I found a great recipe online for Maple Oatmeal Bread to make in my bread […]

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