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Local Lotion March 7, 2010

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I ate dinner with my grandmother last night, and I left with a great little present!  She recently discovered a woman in town who makes homemade soaps and lotions.  The company is Hazelwood Soap Company and it’s located right in here in my town!  My picked this bottle up at a local store because she loved the scent.  And it does smell wonderful…very fresh and silky.  I immediately put some on and was quite surprised at how light-weight it is.  While I love rich buttery creams, this was perfect as the weather is warming up.  I don’t like to feel like I’m coated in oil!  And then again this morning I put it on…Perfect!  So check out the website…She even sells organic products.  And I’m going to be on the lookout around town for some other products.  Always great to support a local producer!

Came with a hand pump and reusable burlap bag!


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