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Bison Dinner March 1, 2010

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So the ground bison was a great success last night!  The meat was rich and had a satisfying taste.  It was not greasy and the burgers held together well.  I had originally found a recipe on, but when I went to re-find the recipe to begin cooking, the site was down!  I had a quick moment of panic but took a deep breath and decided to trust my cooking experience and instincts 😉  I remembered reading that the Food Network Kitchens (yes, I’m addicted to the website and shows!) used Worcestershire sauce and thought I would keep it simple by adding to the sauce salt and pepper.  I also remembered the reviews of the recipe said to not overcook the bison as it easily becomes dry.  The man at Greenlife said the same thing and to keep the meat as rare as possible.  So while cooking the patties on the stovetop, I kept a eye on them and made sure to not cook them past medium (I can’t go much rarer!).

And to go with the burgers I added local sweet potatoes cooked as fries…Again, following a recipe on FoodNetwork.  Good think my memory is strong!

I also sauteed some onions for the burgers…

So with everything together, we had bread (the cheese taste was very slight but the bread had a nice savory flavor), bison burgers, caramalized onions, sweet potato fries, and some roasted asaparagus (frozen organic…needed the vitamins!).  It was a very good meal, and Nathan and I were both quite pleased!  And even Asher, the dog, got a little bit of the bison 😉  5 Stars all around!


4 Responses to “Bison Dinner”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Can we have it again tonight?! Ridiculously amazing as always.

  2. Burger and fries look great! I much prefer bison to beef these days.

  3. Ann,
    Great looking meal! I am totally addicted to sweet potato fries… so yummy.

  4. […] clean and very well-organized.  I didn’t see a lot of local food, but I did notice they sell bison   Maybe Greenlife Grocery is the way to go for local foods?!  I really wanted local eggs and […]

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