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Secret Ingredient February 27, 2010

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So while I was out yesterday in Asheville,  I decided to make one more stop in search of local food….Greenlife Grocery. 

It is a local grocery store that only has one other location in Chattanooga, TN.  The website claims “to carry a strong selection of local and regional products, helping to support the local farms and businesses of our area”…and it did!  Even though I found no local produce, I did find a lot in the dairy and meat departments. 

And what did I buy?  Ground bison!  Recently, Nathan was exploring websites on Western North Carolina and found Carolina Bison.  He was very excited and mentioned that we must try it soon.  It is very lean, has lots of nutrients, and is low in fat and cholestoral.  It is raised organically, grass-fed, and has no antibiotics or hormones.  So when I saw bison from the farm at Greenlife, I bought it!  Can you find it in the picture in the last post?!

Nathan has been out of town for a few days so when he arrives home tomorrow night, guess what we’re eating?  Bison, sweet potatoes, and homemade cheese!  Have you ever eaten bison?  Any advice on how to cook it? 

See you tomorrow for the results!


5 Responses to “Secret Ingredient”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    So glad to see your food blog! I can’t wait to see what creative things you create using fresh local produce. I hope all is well!

  2. Blake Says:

    That’s a good sign that you didn’t find a lot of local produce! Even in NC, the real growing season hasn’t started yet, right? NY won’t even get asparagus for another month . . .

  3. Shelley Says:

    Yummm. Love me some bison! I’m sure y’all will love it too. Very rich and distinct taste.

    So glad to see you are sharing your terrific cooking skills with the rest of us. I’ll be sure to check in for the latest tips and tricks. 😉

    (ps – have y’all checked out Food Inc? If not, grab it off Netflix. You’ll enjoy it.) xoxo

  4. […] Regina bought me three different herbs at Greenlife Grocery.  She follows the blog and knows how much I love cooking with fresh ingredients, so this was the […]

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