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Welcome! February 2, 2010

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I feel a bit intimidated starting my new blog.  But I figure the best way to begin is to JUMP right in!  So here goes….

As I mention in “About Ann” the winter makes it very difficult to find fresh, local produce.  Even though I have only been in North Carolina for two weeks, I have been busy searching on the internet and driving around town looking for local food.  I had a bit of success today!  I went to the Western North Carolina Farmers Market

I was unsure of what to expect and was secretly hoping for more than jams and preserves.  And while there were many jarred goods, I also found some great finds.  Here’s what I grabbed:

So what you see is butter made from cream and salt and produced in Jonesville, NC, as well as “Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese” made in Landis, NC.  I also bought 3 sweet potatoes and some Strawberry Cider!  The cider was made in Saluda, NC with the strawberries of last summer.  I can’t wait to try a glass and think of warm summer days!

Overall, I really enjoyed the famers market.  I think it’s great that even on snowy days, it’s possible to find fresh food.  I can’t wait to go in a few months and enjoy the bounty that summer brings to the farms of North Carolina!

If you looked at the picture closely, you’ll notice that there’s one additional item I haven’t identified!  Look for a post tomorrow about my FAVORITE find!  And most importantly, I can’t wait to cook with my new ingredients.  Hopefully this weekend, I’ll find time and will share photos and recipes!


5 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Gayle Keiger Says:

    I am intrigued with the hoop cheese made in Landis, NC. I have lived next door to Landis all my adult life and never knew there was a place that had locally made hoop cheese. Dale and I both enjoy different varieties of cheese, so am anxious to find this one.


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